Electrical Wire and Cable Training

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Electrical Wire and Cable Training



Course Objective

Faulty wiring causes most electrical fires. To prevent these fires, selection of proper wire type, size, and event color as required by the National Electrical Code. This course concentrates on the range of wire and cable applications used in industrial plants and facilities. Wire connection and splicing methods are also discussed.



  • Builds confidence and pride of workmanship
  • Cooler and safer electrical wiring



  • Wire size and insulation identification
  • Cable sizing exercise




  1. The Circular Mil Stand
  2. AWG Standard Wire Sizes – Solid and Stranded Wires
  3. Electrical Wire in Services Branch Circuits, Control Wiring, Feeders, Service Entrance


Voltage Classes

  • 0 ton 300 Volt Class Insulation for instruments and Computers
  • 600 Volt Class Insulation of classes. High Temperature Applications, and Wet or Moist Applications
  • 000 Volt Class and Higher Insulation
  • High Voltage Splices


Wire Metals

  • The copper VS Aluminum Debate
  • Aluminum cable Systems


Multi Conductor Cable and Cards

  • Common Used Of NM (Romex) and NMC or UF
  • Tray Cable and Metalic Sheathed Cables
  • The Problems with BX Cable
  • Temporary Wiring in Industry – S. SO. SP. And Heater Cord


Insulation and Terminal Colour Codes

  • Hot vs. Neutral vs. Ground
  • Grounded vs. Grounding Wires


Connectors and Terminating Devices

  • Wire Nuts, Split Bolt, Pressure Connectors, Lug, Type, ect.
  • Choosing Best Device for the Job.


Sizing Conductors

  • Choosing Insulation for the condition at Hand
  • What is Cable Ampacity?
  • Ambient Correction of Rated Ampacity
  • Accounting for Voltage Drop
  • Adjusments for Multiple Conductors
  • Sizing Conductors for a Motor Loads
  • Lighting Load Calculations



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