Industrial Hydraulic System Training

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Industrial Hydraulic System Training



The Aim

  • To give understanding in principal work of hydraulic components
  • To rise awareness of every participants in handling hydraulic systems
  • To introduce basic way in designing hydraulic systems
  • To improve knowledge and skill on hydraulic systems



Day 1

  • Introduction to applications of hydraulic system
  • Physical principal of hydraulics
  • Schematic layout of hydraulic installation
  • Components of hydraulics system
  • Component’s symbols based on DIN/ISO 1219
  • Type of pump and power pack system and its construction
  • How to obtain and the use of pump’s characteristic
  • Safety valve and its characteristic
  • The Principal work of non-return valve and its applications
  • Understanding and drafting of circuits diagrams
  • Principal work of 2/2 and 3/2 way manual valves and their application in order to control a single and double acting cylinder (SAC & DAC)

 Day 2

  • The use of software in designing basic hydraulic system circuits
  • Principal work of 4/2 and 4/3 way manual valves and their application in order to control DACs
  • Determining travel time and force for forward and backward motion of double acting cylinder
  • Understanding and drafting displacement/step diagrams
  • Flow control: two ways and one way flow control and their characteristic and applications
  • Principal work of accumulator and its applications
  • Safety and troubleshooting

 Day 3

  • Principal work of pressure sequence circuit and its applications
  • Design and mode of operation of a differential circuit.
  • Design of speed control circuit with varieties load
  • Design of circuit for DAC with a varying load
  • Design of a control circuit with reduced output pressure

Day 4

  • Introduction to electro hydraulic components and circuit
  • Schematic layout of an electro hydraulic installation
  • Basic electric circuit principal
  • Component’s symbol based on DIN/ISO 1219
  • Principal work of switches and their applications
  • Principal work of solenoid and its applications in way valves.
  • Principal work of limit switches and their applications

 Day 5

  • Principal work of relays and contactors and their applications
  • Direct and indirect activation
  • Signal inversion, latching
  • Principal work and types of proximity switches and their applications
  • Principal work of counter and its applications
  • Safety and troubleshooting


Adri Maldi, Msc


Time & Venue

Time     : 08.00 – 16.00

Venue   : Training Center PT. Titian Media Cendekia

Jl. Soekarno-Hatta 590 Metro Trade Center (MTC) Blok G-12 Bandung


Informasi, Jadwal Pelatihan & Pendaftaran :
Ph. 022.7536405, 7536201, 87301125
Contact Person : Siska/Heldha/Elis